The Citadel association is organizing the 5th edition of


from 23 to 25 April 2021 in Bordeaux - FRANCE

Our Gospel Festival takes place every 2 years. We organize the encounter with professional artists from today's Gospel Music scene. Our artists lead you through a series of Masterclasses. The result of these Masterclasses is shown on stage for the final concert, held at the Cathedral of Saint André, in the very heart of the city of Bordeaux.

The Masterclasses will be held at the
Maison Cantonale de la Bastide, 20 Rue de Châteauneuf, 33100 Bordeaux. The teaching is done in English.

On Friday evening, we will have the
Gospel Open Mike evening, an open stage available to festival-goers to share the spirit of Gospel Music even more !

110 € for 3 days, Masterclass and concert included. A T-Shirt will be provided to you for the concert, please specify your size in the space provided for this purpose, when registering online.

Referral offer ( available until 31st of march 2021)

You can receive a special sponsorship discount if you sponsor choristers to participate in the 5th edition of the Estuaire Gospel Festival. The discount goes from €10 to €110 depending on the number of persons you sponsor.

By selecting the appropriate field when filling the registration form whe will send you back a personnal code by mail. Transmit this personnal code to your godchildren so that they can fill the registration form in their turn.

We will will refund you at your arrival at the festival.

Our Guests

Bordeaux Gospel Clinton

Clinton JORDAN

As a professional singer, Clinton has shared the stage with artists such as Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Sting, Paul McCartney and Tina Turner.
Clinton is also a vocal arranger for Kingdom Choir, the choir that dazzled more than thwo
billions households at the royal wedding in the UK in 2018. Among other things, he arranged their version of the song "The Holidays Are Coming" in the advertising for Coca Cola on christmas. . We could see Clinton on television on international channels: BBC, ITV, ABC, CNN.
As a trainer, his workshops made him awarded by the Jack Petchey award, as an "Outstanding Director", and he reached the place of finalist in the renowned competition, "BBC Choir of The Year".
He was also able to sing for two British Prime Ministers and Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.

United Kingdom)

Workshop : Contemporary Gospel

Student will learn the following skills :

● Inversion movement
Inverting the harmonies between choir sections. Develop an awareness of head and chest voice.
● Collective resonance
Unifying vowel shapes to enhance collective pronunciation.
● Rythmic Singing
Creating a collective swing using syncopated singing.
● diaphragmatic breathing
Singing using the diaphragm to create long and clear notes.


Colin is one of London's most charismatic gospel choir directors. He has been teaching gospel for many years at Morley College, London. He directs the Wood Green Gospel Choir with whom he has visited many countries (Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and South Africa). This choir was nominated in 2000 for the prestigious MOBO (Music of Black Origin Award).
In 2008, he created the London Gospel Factory Choir, which he still leads today.
Colin is an outstanding teacher and a renowned soloist in the world of gospel, he regularly leads workshops throughout.
Bordeaux Gospel Collin
Its motto :
" Gospel music for me is a way of life, it make me breathe"
(United Kingdom)

● Vocal modes
Switching between vocal modes curbing to overdrive, Use of Shadow vowels
Use of Sound Color
Singing with different sound colour with support
● Understanding Worship music
Studying and understanding the content of a worship song
● Vocal mouvements
Union to harmonies
● Visual and Oral communication
Tone communication, personal expression, Diction, blend & delivery.

Workshop : Praise & Worship

Students will learn the following skills :

Bordeaux Gospel Wayne


Wayne developed his style and passion for music from a young age by singing in his church in London. He has established himself both in the secular field and in the gospel world: Sir Elton John, Candy Staton, Open University Short program, Obert Palmer US Tour, Blur, Alec Clare, Gospel Choir London Community.
The Manchester Inspirational Voices choir, which he has directed for several years, was named best gospel choir in November 2016 during the Songs of Praise organized by the BBC.
After taking part in The Voice in England with Tom Jones in 2018, he had the honor of singing at Prince Harry's wedding the same year with the brilliant choirmaster Karen Gibson. His singular vocal performances and his deep voice lead him to share his passion for gospel throughout the world.
He teaches regularly in Italy, Germany, Poland, France and the United States.

Wayne is a virtuoso, talented singer of dazzling humility

(United kingdom)

● Tone quality
Maintaining a clear and consistent tone throughout the whole range of the voice.
Avoiding false notes.
● Rythm
Staying in rythm.
● Dynamics
Finding the correct dynamic for the piece of music.
● Phrasing
Appropriate phrasing for the music style
Workshop : Gentlemen 's Choir (reserved for gentlemen)

Students will learn the following skills :
● Breath support
Breathing properly and supporting the tone
● Diction
Articulating clearly and intelligibly
● Posture & relaxation
Using a proper singing stance with no tension

Clinton Jordan, Colin Vassell and Wayne Ellington will lead you through a series of Masterclasses. Each chorister will choose the workshop in which he wishes to participate. The Mass choir brings together all the choristers.

You will learn to:

Unleash or Free your voice inside

● Increase your impact in a vocal unit

● Unleash your vocal power in a choir

The MasterClass ends with a Gospel concert !
Sunday, 25th of april 2021
at 3.30 PM

accompanied by :
The festival 's choir and


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